About Majerija

The aroma of the Bora wind and the sun

The idyllic upper Vipava house, hidden among vineyards and orchards of Vipava valley, offers simple traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch. The food is prepared from natural ingredients which ensure succulent treats. The offer follows the seasons. In spring and summer months, seasonal ingredients give the cuisine a Mediterranean orientation, while in autumn and winter you can smell Central Europe with traditional Austro-Hungarian cuisine.

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In the main room you shall be seated behind a rustic oak wood table. You shall be served with specialities such as duck pâté with quickly roasted figs and summer herbs or home-made ravioli, filled with piglet filling seasoned with tomato sauce and fried peppermint. The unique offer of dishes is accompanied by a personal selection of the best Vipava region wines.

In the winter, indulge yourself in pleasant chatter with your friends in a relaxing ambience, while in the summer, grant yourself some refreshment after a tiresome working day. Join the landlord in the vaulted wine cellar and select your desired bottle of wine.

Majerija House history

The Majerija House comprises of 4 main buildings. The initial house was built around the year 1700. It was used by the custodian of the Lanthieri Counts’ estates for the maintenance of their property at Slap. Soon the house became too small, which made it necessary to build an additional outhouse with a stone vaulted cellar. Above it stood a “faladur” – a room for grape/wine processing and granary for produce. Soon after a stable and hay shed were added to the domicile, and finally a shed was built to connect all the units into a combined homestead.

Majerija, Slap pri Vipavi, Vipavska dolina

In 1856, the Counts of Lanthieri moved from Vipava to Gorica and sold Majerija and its belonging property to the custodian of that time. The family then lived on the property for the next 56 years and took good care of it. Since the family lacked an apt heir, the landlord, when lying on his dying bed in 1910, bequeathed the house and the property to his brother, who lived with his family in nearby Goče. The new owners and landlords received approximately 10 hectares of prime-quality vineyards, orchards and fields with the Majerija estate including an 18-headed livestock in the stable.


Besides the family home, the Majerija House also includes guest rooms, designated for the guests who seek quietness, nature and a pristine rustic environment. It is suitable for all who seek a pleasant experience far away from the city hustle and noise. The idyllic surroundings will lull you into the past and fill you with tranquillity. Friendly staff, a relaxing atmosphere and traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch will revitalize you and refill you with new energy.

Our garden

Fresh herbs growing in the garden beside the house give an important touch to the taste of the dishes. Some of them cannot be obtained anywhere else in Slovenia. In addition to the herbs our garden also features some flowers which can be used in the preparation of the dishes. Fresh herbs and their products are also for sale for catering and domestic use.

We will always do our best for you.